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Side Piece | The Half Lash Edit

Vegan Faux-Mink | Half Lash 

What kind of Lash is 'SIDE PIECE'? 

Side Piece is one of our newly developed Half Lashes & a part of our 'Half Lash Edit'.

It is a small/ medium length lash, the faux hairs are full and fluffy with the lash band packed full with fabulous soft faux hairs going from short too long.

It has a small and discreet lash band for easy application and is practically weightless when applied to the eye! You won't even know it's there!

100% Faux Hair 

Cruelty Free - femme beauty commits to never using animal products.

Lasts up to 10 applications with careful use. This varies from user to user.

Are you wanting a full and fluffy cat eye? 'SIDE PIECE' is for you.

* Glue sold separately 



How to Apply

1. Carefully remove the lash from the lash tray, femme beauty lashes should be handled with care. 

2. Measure the strip against your eyelid and trim off the excess if needed (cut from the outer end of the lash). 

3. Apply lash glue sparingly and wait for 30 seconds until the glue gets sticky before applying. The lash will slide around if fully wet. We recommend using 'Duo Glue' for a secure lash (glue sold separately).

4. A femme beauty tip: wiggle your lash into a tight U-shape, this prevents the lash from lifting at the ends when first applying.

5. Applying the lash to the eye line is always the hardest part, but don't be discouraged. We suggest glancing downwards into a mirror and placing the centre of the lash down first, then adjusting each end of the lash to fit in place. Never fully close your eye as this changes the shape of your eye. 

6. Another femme beauty tip: use our specially made 'Pinch me' lash tweezers to apply the lash, it's much easier than using your hands and gives a much more precise application. 

7. Eyeliner is optional, this can be used to further blend the false lash into the lash line and camouflage the lash band.

8. Now you're ready to go be your beautiful self, with an amazing pair of luxury lashes. 

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